Visualisation virtual services


Visualization Virtual Services (VVSs - provide access to virtual facilities through a remote connection. Based on the Digital Shape Workbench ( paradigm developed within the AIM@SHAPE project, the virtual facilities are provided as online services that allow to share digital shapes and software tools to process and analyze them. In order to find contact details for each VISIONAIR member and to explore suitable facilities please visit the resources e-map


The VVSs act as an e-Science framework in terms of an operational, distributed and web-based software system. They involve a Shape Repository, a Tool Repository and an Ontology and Metadata Repository, and provide search services for both 3D shapes and software tools.

Research Proposal

The VVSs offer a valid support for all those application fields that have to deal with the processing and visualization of digital shapes, with a particular focus to 3D. The objective is to speed-up and improve the visualization of multidimensional data by supporting the retrieval of useful processing software and geometric shapes. This supports the creation of original digital shapes (2D images, videos, 3D shapes, and higher-dimensional geometric models) that will be possibly analyzed, enriched and combined with other data, with the objective of providing useful information to be visualized.

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