About VISIONAIR facilities

The invitation to Visionair UHD-NET
This short movie presents shortly VISIONAIR project and its Ultra-High Definition facilities.
Review of the VISIONAIR visualisation installations
In this movie you can discover possibilities offered by VISIONAIR partners, their visualization installations and facilities.

VISIONAIR Open Forum 2014

VISIONAIR Open Forum conference in Poznan 2014
The second VISIONAIR Open Forum conference took place in Poznan 5-6 Feb 2014. During this meeting, members of the consortium and invited guests discussed about visualization and research possibilities offered by the project. Also many interesting demonstrations using Ultra-High Definition facilities were shown during special session just to mention: live streaming in 4K from remote place, remote dance training in 3D, collaboration of remote 3D model editing and rendering in 4K for various kinds of display including holographic table.
During the VISIONAIR Open Forum, a demonstration of remote collaboration in modification, rendering and visualization of 3D models was shown. The demonstration was the effect of work in scope Joint Research Activity of the VISIONAIR project. The remote collaboration performance was using scenario, where a group of people can work on one 3D model and perceive the same virtual object from different perspectives and views using different kind of displays such as holographic table or UHD 3D displays. The demonstration was performed using VITRALL rendering system.
Walter van Dijk and Wladimir Mufty from SURFNET and Frank Kresin from Waag Society in Netherlands speaking about CINEGRID community and 4K research. Whole talk is a live streaming from Utrecht to Poznan in 4K using JPEG2000 digital cinema quality codecs.
Demonstration of CONFetti's usefulness in the process of preparing choreographies and training of dancers. During this presentation Anna Beker, a Poznañ-based choreographer and dancing educator, and the Patos Potatos Dance Company team from her Jazz Dance Studio presented a remote choreography and training session using the multistream high-definition videoconference provided by the CONFetti system.

VISIONAIR Trans-National Access

Trans-National Access: 3D high-quality videoconferencing with augmented reality in a remote sports training scenario
The process of training athletes, especially those competing at the highest international level, involves the transfer of very specific and often difficult to formalise knowledge from the mentor to the protégé. Using VISIONAIR facilities this can be done remotely in 3D.
Trans-National Access: Human-robot interaction with 4K 3D (TNC2013)
This TNA movie presents human-robot interaction experiment at total distance of 2.000 km between Poznan and Maastricht over 40Gb network with 4K 3D low-latency live visualization.
Trans-National Access: Research on new enablers for artistic virtual environments and performances (ICT2013)
During the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius, the SPECIFY project in cooperation with VISIONAIR organized a networked art performance connecting real-time artistic actions in multiple cities around Europe. The demonstration presented advanced distributed research and artistic scenario that included musicians in Poznan, Barcelona and Vilnius, dancers and 3D motion-capture system in Grenoble as well as low latency video transmission over the GEANT network. The event showed the potential of distributed music and dance creation over high broadband networks, combining arts and technology for creating a virtual distributed stage.
Trans National Access: HIPERMED – High Definition videoconferencing tools in remote medical diagnosis
This TNA, impulsed by the CELTIC project HIPERMED, proposes the study, design, experimentation and demonstration of a complex video transmission system using the infrastructure provided by VISIONAIR partners deployed under a scenario with two main use cases (Full HD multiconferencing and 3D video transmission) previously considered in HIPERMED, but now evolved.

More videos about project, seminars and visualization installations are available under this link: