What We Offer

VISIONAIR is a European funded infrastructure that grants researchers access to high level visualization facilities and resources. Both physical access and virtual services are offered by the infrastructure, free of charge,based on the excellence of the project submitted. In addition to technical aspects, you take advantage of skills and knowledge of our experienced platforms. The access to a facility will include:

  • Training on each specific facility
  • Access to the scientific environment supporting the platform
  • Access to networking environments
  • Scientific and engineering support for specific tasks development
  • Accommodation and logistic support

VISIONAIR offers access in four major areas of visualisation, including: scientific visualisation, ultra high definition, virtual reality, augmented reality and virtual services. Further information about these areas and examples for their use is provided through the links provided below. In order to gain access to the facilities it is necessary to submit a proposal. Furthermore, we encourage proposal owners to identify potential hosts and to get in touch with them concerning their interests prior to proposal submission. For this purpose, please view the resources e-map to identify suitable facilities and contacts to communicate your ideas.

Scientific Visualisation

"Scientific Visualization" addresses tools and methods offered to navigate in huge data set gathered from scientific simulations.

Ultra High Definition

"Ultra-high Definition" focuses on tools and methods that visualize high quality images. They facilitate to share high definition images and films over very high bandwidth networks. The approach offers independent or integrated usage of facilities for complex scientific experiments.

Virtual Reality

"Virtual Reality" focuses on high-end immersive facilities that allow users to experience virtual environments and to interact with them.

Augmented reality

"Collaborative environments including Holography and Augmented Reality" involve platforms that are able to propose synthetic environments by mixing a large set of advanced facilities for remote collaborative works.

Virtual Services

Visualization Virtual Services (VVSs) provide access to virtual facilities through a remote connection. Based on the Digital Shape Workbench paradigm developed within the AIM@SHAPE project, the virtual facilities are provided as online services that allow to share digital shapes and software tools to process and analyze them.

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