How to apply ?

For a better understanding of what we offer, you can browse in the VISIONAIR resource map the suitable technologies and models that could be used for your research. Through the resource map, you also have the opportunity to find the contact details of the potential hosts that you would like to interact with.

TNA project submission is now closed. No further projects will be evaluated now.

Only proposals submitted through our proposal form can be reviewed. First and very quickly, you will have to register. Then you will be able to propose your project. In completing the proposal form, you will have to fill the following fields (see the template for proposal):

  • The context of research (e.g. research challenges).
  • The scientific merit.
  • Ethical issues.
  • A working plan including the expected delay.
  • The number of researchers that should be involved on the facility.
  • The preferred visualisation facilities.
  • The type of data and potential format to be imported and visualised with the facilities.
  • The definition of operational work to be conducted on the expected facility.

Reviews of your project will be established by technical and scientific experts, then a project review is carried out by the Selection Board of the infrastructure (a committee of scientific external experts and members of VISIONAIR) to select the best projects that fit the VISIONAIR requirements.

When the project is accepted, you will be invited to:

  • Contact the proposed site and interact to tune technical requirements.
  • Solve hosting issues with the hosting institution.
  • Access the resources and realize the project.
  • Provide us with some feedback.

If you need further information, please, contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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