Our Partners

Past Special event: POZNAN General Assembly

The 3rd General Assembly of the VISIONAIR European Infrastructure held in Poznan (Poland) from 4 to 7 February 2014.
During this G.A. an Open Forum permitted the partners of the Club to introduce themselves. Many presentations gave an overview
of the most. recent activities relative to Visualization and Interaction Facilities

You can have access to some presentation offered during the Open Forum in Poznan:

             CINEGRID               EXPERIMEDIA                 JRA10 and VITRALL


Next event for the Partners

The members of the VISIONAIR Partner's Club get the opportunity to meet the VISIONAIR actors in the following manifestation

VISIONAIR will be present during the WAC 2014 (World Automation Congress), 3-7 August 2014, in Hawaii

VISIONAIR is also in charge of the organization of the CogInfoCom 2014, from 5-7 November 2014, in Vietri sul Mare, Italy. MTA SZTAKI, a VISIONAIR member will chair this conference.

VISIONAIR is happy to tranmit information relatively to the next EuroVR 2014 conference.

Past events 

VISIONAIR was present during the Exhibition of the ICRI 2014 (2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructure) from 2nd to 4th April 2014 in Athens.

ICRI Athens 2014


VISIONAIR and 3 Partners of the Club: Haption, TechViz and CATOPSYS had a stand in the Exhibition of Laval Virtual 2014 (International Conferences and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies and Uses), 9-13 April 2014, Laval, France

           VISIONAIR at Laval 2014          Haption stand at Laval

                          VISIONAIR stand                                       Haption stand

           TechViz stand Laval         CATOPSYS stand Laval

                          TechViz stand                                          CATOPSYS stand

VISIONAIR participated to teh TEI 2014 (8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) from 16th to 19th February in Munich.


Registration Form

Congratulation to our partners

If you are:
  • Using visualization and interaction facilities in your daily activitie
  • or doing research about visualization or interaction facilities
  • or selling software or hardware solutions for visualization or interaction facilities
you have an interest to become partner of the VISIONAIR Infrastructure.
The VISIONAIR European Infrastructure is creating an associate partner club with 4 categories:
  • Users:   You are using or you want to use visualization or interaction facilities
  • Researchers:   You are doing research in visualization or interaction facilities
  • Industry members:   You offer industrial equipment or software for visualization or interaction facilities
  • Infrastructure representatives
Each associate partner will: 
  • Receive uppermost information about  VISIONAIR
  • Be invited to reply to the open call of the VISIONAIR Infrastructure
  • Be invited every 6 months for a special event
  • Get access to a specific forum for asking request on visualization
  • Participate to a special partner day during the General Assembly, with a special possibility of stand for the category "Sellers"
  • Be listed as partner on the "Associate Partner Club" page of our web site, with a possibility to include a link to your web site
  • Be  a possible partner for joint research activities

 Category: Research Center
  • IDEKO a research center from the Basque Country, mainly focused on the machine-tool environment
  • VR-ProDTech, Laboratory of the King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, does research in interactive design and virtual reality as tools to support collaboration.
  • cpvrLab the computer perception and virtual reality group of the HuCE, Human Centered Engineering Institute, focises its research on analysis of image and video signals, haptic feedback and visualization or user-friendly interaction.
  • RCNS, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, studies multimodal integration in virtual environments and recordevent-related brain potentials during motion, perception and interaction with complex multimodal situations.
  • Virtual Theater, a laboratory of the Computer Science Department of the University of Milan. The research activities are related mainly to Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Human-Machine Interaction.
 Category: Industry
  • Holografika, internationally recognized 3D display research and development company.
  • KEYENCE France SAS: with over 20 years of development experience, KEYENCE Corporation is the world leader in digital microscopes and video microsopy systems.
  • Techviz, a provider in advanced visualization solutions for 3D applications
  • Haption is a leading provider of haptic technology, both hardware and software.
  • CATOPSYS proposes a platform of immersive technologies allowing companies, developers of in reality virtual or in reality mixed solutions to increase the sensation of immersion for the users of their applications. This immersive platform allows an integration with a spatial sound and also with an olfactive immersion.
  • OPTISsolutions enhance the accuracy & REALISM of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics. OPTIS simulation and visualization solutions enable industrials to review and revide designs collaboratively, locally and remotely in virtual reality (VR)
Category: User
  • Indutech Pty Ltd, which enables innovation through combining excellence in business engineering methodologies and sensitive change management to deliver competitive advantage.
  • Indutech Pty Ltd, which enables innovation through combining excellence in business engineering methodologies and sensitive change management to deliver competitive advantage.
  • Politehnica, University of Timisoara, Integrated Engineering Research Center, a research team in product, manufacturing processes and system integrated design and control.
  • Milan Jocovic, independent researcher
  • Juan Pablo Wachs, The research perform at the ISAT lab concerns all types of natural interaction between humans and machines, and ways to augment this interaction.

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