4th General Assembly

The 4th General Assembly, took place at INRIA between 2nd-4th December 2014.

The fourth and final General Assembly has now concluded. Partners, TNA guests and colleagues were all invited to INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique research center to witness a full-schedule of external presentations that demonstrated the full multi-disciplinary aspects of VISIONAIR. We visited Mars and went undersea but also investigated more typical activities within virtual words: business and other day-to-day applications.

Professor Frédéric Noël, VISIONAIR Scientific Coordinator spoke of the event:
"I was impressed to see more and more connections between our technical facilities. Connections are still not easy but seem more natural now. I am sure that you were impressed by the IMMERSIA demonstrations. Thanks to IMMERSIA team and INRIA/IRISA host, especially Ronan, Quentin, Florian, Valerie and obviously Georges for the great effort."

Presentations at INRIA

Step inside IMMERSIA...

Guests arrive to the Gala dinner

The final slide...