The first Open Forum of VISIONAIR

The Visionair Kickoff meeting and first Open-Forum were organised in Grenoble (France) between March the 9th and 11th 2011. About 120 persons attended the first Open-Forum, where it was the first public opportunity to present the resources that belong to the infrastructure.

After an overall presentation of the missions of VISIONAIR, the 29 VISIONAIR installations were presented through a poster session and a demonstration of local tools. The 29 installations are clustered into 4 main themes:

  • Scientific visualization
  • Ultra High Definition Networks
  • Virtual Reality
  • Collaborative Environments including holography

Inside the GINOVA platform the local ACE.MEXICO.FR installation was visited providing an overview of collaborative techniques including 3D stereoscopic visualisation, holography and other kind of displays connected to various collaborative and interaction systems (Haptic arm, multi-touch table, etc). The Open-Forum organised also a fruitful discussion during a round table. Professor Hans-Christian Hege from Zuse Institute in Berlin began the session with a keynote presentation to explain the gain provided by interactive visualisation in different complex domains, such as biology. He concluded his talk by focusing on the scientific interpretation of the images to obtain optimal research results: “Data analysis is the key” he insisted. Then three other speakers joined the panel, including: Professor Laurent Desbat, French Ministry of Research, Mr. Eric Braux, Country & Sales Director at Barco France, Professor Fred Van Houten, International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP). They provided complementary points of view about the Visionair added value for Research, especially about the users’ needs, the model of exploitation to be built and the type of cooperation to be developed. In conclusion, the industries, the research organizations as well as the governmental institutions showed a strong interest for the Visionair infrastructure and recognized the challenges involved.